Coronavirus causes club sports to cancel seasons

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, several club sports tournaments have been canceled.

Club teams including dodgeball, volleyball, cheer and dance were all preparing to take their long trips down to various destinations and compete. To say all the teams were disappointed is an understatement.

Joshua Rick, the head captain of the dodgeball club, said the sport is “deeper than most people realize.”

“People always come to their first practice with a small idea of what the sport is like, Rick said, “but don’t actually understand how deep the game actually goes. Everyone who has attended a practice knows that we are far from the game you used to play in middle school gym class.”

Rick also talked to the teams growth over the course of the year.

“For people on the team, it means more to them, where it is treated like a varsity sport nearly. The team seems to evolve as the year progresses, as we start as a team and end as a family,” he said.

The captain of the club volleyball team, Reese VanLue, was proud of her team overcoming adversity this semester.

“We are proud of the growth we had from first semester, losing girls and then rebuilding the teams for second semester was tough but the connections that were formed and the tournaments that we did get to play in together this semester were a lot of fun,” VanLue said.

Like most, VanLue is not happy about the season ending but understands the precautions.

“We are extremely disappointed that our national tournament was canceled,” she said. “This was the event that we work towards from the very beginning of our fall season in September. Over the two semesters, we raised thousands of dollars to fund the four-day tournament, as well as travel and stay in Kansas City, Missouri, where the tournament was.”

Libby Saint Onge, the president of the cheer team, explained the teams heartbreak.

“This last week has been devastating to both me and my team,” Saint Onge said. “SVSU hasn’t had a co-ed cheer team in many years. I don’t even think I can put into words the heartbreak that the past week has given to my team.”

Saint Onge also spoke about how hard the team had worked leading up until now.

“Since May we have been preparing for our Nationals Competition in Daytona, Florida this April. Almost an entire year has been spent diligently working on a routine that we only get to perform one time.”

The president of the dance team, Emily Holup was upset to hear about their cancellation.

“It is our only competition each year, Holup said, “so it is extremely disappointing for all of us. Many girls who are freshman do not have the chance to experience it this year and some people that will not be able to come back to the team next year.”

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