You Decide: Yes, minimum wage should be $15

Minimum wage was in fact meant to be a living wage. It isn’t a wage high enough where people would be living exorbitantly off their paychecks, but it was meant to be enough that a person could meet their basic needs.

Raising the minimum wage would of course bring with it many problems that need to be solved, but that comes with any type of change.

No matter what, there are always going to be problems that need to be solved when laws change. What’s more important is that, as a country, we’re making these changes in the best interest of our people.

Raising the minimum wage will make it so that people can live off a minimum wage job without having to work two or more jobs and still barely get by.

If you take away the stress of making enough money to eat that night, then workers can focus on their jobs and move up at work or focus on different things that are more important to them.

There shouldn’t be anyone who is working more than two jobs and still can’t support themselves.

Even if most people working minimum wage jobs are teenagers, why shouldn’t they be paid the same amount as someone older than them? Why don’t teenagers deserve to make the same amount as everyone else?

Age shouldn’t have anything to do with what you’re making. If you’re doing the same job as someone older, then you deserve to make the same amount.

Just because you’re still in high school doesn’t mean you might not need to make enough money to live off it.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents who can support them financially or are even willing to support them.

I went to high school with kids who were living on their own, and they needed a way to be able to make enough to support themselves.

Companies would still be willing to invest in teenagers even if they had to pay them $15.

There are high school kids who don’t go to college, and if a company sees potential in them, then they’ll want to invest in a possible worker who they can keep in the company for years to come.

Just because you don’t have a ton of experience doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving of making a living wage.

There are tons of jobs out there where people are making minimum wage and it’s not just teenagers who are working minimum wage jobs anyway.

That’s not even the point of minimum wage. It’s not a welcome package into having a salary, so that in a few years you can finally afford your basic necessities.

No – minimum wage is there to ensure you can afford your necessities. Then you can work hard and move up at whatever company you may be at, and you can earn enough to live the type of lifestyle that you want to.

Why should we deny people in the workforce the right to making a livable wage because we consider them not experienced enough?

Shouldn’t we want everyone to be able to make a livable wage?

It feels like people who argue against raising the minimum wage are more concerned with the problems that would come with raising minimum wage than they are about the people struggling.

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