University Art Gallery showcases students’ works

Art students recently showcased their works in the University Art Gallery, hoping to earn a Juror’s Choice award from the art faculty.

Art Department Chairman Hideki Kihata said 62 students have a combined 120 works displayed until March 13. He said students are encouraged to participate in the student gallery to show their success, but also so professors can help students learn to become professionals. The professors acted as judges and gave certain pieces awards, which will be honored during a Feb. 27 reception.

Kihata said the gallery is similar to performances for theatre and music majors.

“This is our performance, so it’s critical and extremely important for our majors to have an exhibition record in their resume,” Kihata said. “We try to do this once a year and encourage everybody to submit, so our department’s students have a chance to have four exhibitions before they graduate.”

Art students could submit art in any medium they preferred. Submissions included photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, graphic design and video. One group submitted a short film, which won a Juror’s Choice award.

The group included five students from different majors. Shelby Townsend, graphic design senior, said she was excited to find out the short film won an award.

“Making a movie takes a lot of hard work, and it’s nice to be recognized with this award for all the work we put into it,” Townsend said.

While judging the pieces, Kihata said art faculty kept in mind the different skills necessary for each medium.

As such, he said there was not “one set of standards” to apply to each piece. To help rank pieces, faculty also drew on their past experiences with each medium to help compare the skills needed for different types of artwork.

Cecil Perdue, a physics sophomore, also won a Juror’s Choice award for his self-portrait. Perdue took an introduction to painting course, where he produced his portrait as an assignment. He said he got quite involved with the project and had to redo portions of the painting several times to get the proportions right.

“It taught me some patience because I spent like I think 20 rough hours overall on it – maybe more, maybe less,” Perdue said. “I honestly wasn’t really keeping tight control over it. I was more so just thinking, ‘Oh, I’m going to work on it because I want to right now,’ or, ‘I’m in class, so I’m working on it.;”

A full list of student entries and Juror’s Choice winners can be found on the University Art Gallery website.

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