Men’s team moves into fifth in GLIAC

SVSU men’s basketball fell Feb. 8 to Lake Superior State 66-82.

SVSU led the game for most of the first half. Sophomore guard Myles Belyeu started off the game with a layup. The Cardinals had a five-point lead for most of the first half.

In the last thirty seconds of the half, Lake Superior State made a three-point shot, stealing away SVSU’s lead, 36-38.

LSSU led the rest of the game. The final score was 66-82, bringing SVSU to a 14-9 overall for the season.

Head coach Randy Baruth said he was proud of the team for bouncing back after losing a few games in a row.

“I’m happy that they bounce back,” he said. “You know, we lost a couple games, two or three in a row. I think they could have easily folded and said. ‘To heck with it,’ but they bounce back. Right now, we’re trying to push them from being happy and content with being in third to where they want to be. That’s the biggest challenge.”

Senior forward Fred John Jr. said the team has improved most on how the respond to challenges during the game. Junior center Sebastiano Lamonato said the team is doing well so far.

“I think we’re pretty happy with the situation right at the moment,” he says. “[We] pulled away down from a couple of bad games back to where we are. We’re in a good spot without having to get a lot better.”

Baruth said he is hoping to bring more consistency to the court.

“I think that we see spurts,” he says. “Spurts of our team get a little tougher, a little grittier. And then there’s days where we just got some guys who are checked out. They don’t bring consistency. There’s some spurts, like Saturday, where we’re as gritty and as tough as a performance I’ve seen in eight years I’ve been here.”

He said the team’s perimeters are always solid.

“Our perimeters are pretty good, one through four,” he said. “Depending upon what we’re playing in those four positions, they’re pretty good, just about as good as anyone in the league.”

Baruth said John Jr., Lamonato and freshman forward Jarno Pomstra are “getting better all of the time.”

“They are who they are,” Baruth said. “They’re not monumental scorers, but they defend well, and they’re trying to rebound well and help the guards out as much as they can. So, our perimeters are pretty solid.”

SVSU stands at No. 5 in the GLIAC, tied with Northern Michigan University and Northwood University.

There are five games left until the GLIAC Tournament quarterfinals and SVSU currently sits one game ahead of Ashland and Lake State for the last playoff spot.

The team’s next game is Feb. 18 at Grand Valley State University.

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