SVSU hosts children’s volleyball camp

SVSU volleyball team comes out and shows support by helping children of the community. Vanguard Photo | Brandon Hull

Students in kindergarten to ninth grade flocked to the Ryder Center Feb. 1 for the chance to play with SVSU’s volleyball team.

The Athletic Department holds a series of Youth Days each year. Local children are invited to come out and learn more about a particular sport from actual team members.

Registration started 45 minutes prior to the event and was free of charge. The children at the event were given SVSU shirts to wear.

Families participating in the Community Youth Day were allowed to bypass the line outside and go right downstairs to the gym.

After registering, the children grabbed volleyballs and practiced before the event began.

The hour-long event helped the children learn about volleyball while having fun.

The Community Youth Day started out with a quick demonstration of the different ways to hit the ball. Head coach Will Stanton briefly talked about each and then had players demonstrate them. Many of the players ended the play by spiking the ball.

After the demonstration, the children lined up in a single file line based on their age, youngest to oldest. They were then split into even groups with a volleyball team member leading them.

“We need to move quickly,” Stanton said. “We have a lot of volleyballs, a lot of stations and a lot of kids.”

The event was made up of about nine stations, each led by an SVSU volleyball player.

The players helped teach the children something different about volleyball.

The teams of child volleyball players spent a little under 10 minutes at each station before moving on the next.

Toward the end of the event, the children had the opportunity to win prizes, one of which was a $250 college scholarship contribution.

The drawing for the prizes was held between the men’s and women’s basketball games.

Families who attended the volleyball clinic received free admission to the basketball game against a Michigan Tech that immediately followed the clinic.

SVSU will end the Community Youth Day series with a soccer clinic Feb. 22.

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