Students put on Black @ SVSU

The Organization of Black Unity’s Black @ SVSU aims to celebrate black culture and pride.

OBU President Indigo Dudley said the Feb. 20 event features members and non-members of OBU and is open to all students, alumni and faculty.

“Black @ SVSU is a student-led performance that showcases black pride and the black experience on campus through song, dance, skits and spoken word,” Dudley said. “We just passed our 10th anniversary of the event, so we are going on our 11th year.”

Communication senior Simone Vaughn is a member of OBU and said she is excited for the event.

“This is our time to voice our struggles, opinions and pride,” Vaughn said. “It is a night showcasing black–inspired talent. Alumni as well as community members and organizations are invited. This is the largest event put on by OBU.”

There are also a fundraising and volunteering aspects to the event.

“Our volunteer event tied to this performance is donating books and to the Boys & Girls clubs, ages 6 to 18,” Dudley said. “We also accept cash donations.”

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