We need more parents who put their children first

We need more parents who are willing to sacrifice their time to help their kids, even if it’s something minuscule.

It is no secret that SVSU’s housing is among the very best in higher education, with Niche.com ranking SVSU as fourth best in the nation.

It should also come as no surprise that with such great facilities comes the inevitable demand to live in them by students.

With all the excitement, a sense of urgency is created that makes students rush to be among the first to secure their spot in line for next year, as dorms are assigned in the order applications are submitted.

The demand to live in SVSU’s most sought-after dorms was apparent last week, as the housing re-contracting period opened, and a line formed outside the Housing Office that stretched nearly to the TSAR.

With many students opting to wake up early to ensure their selection of housing would be granted, there was one student who outdid all else, opting for her parents to camp out overnight as to be the first in the housing line when it opened at 8 a.m. the following morning.

Anyone who passed through the halls of Curtiss on their way to the marketplace last Tuesday likely would question why two people were sitting outside the Housing Office for hours.

After seeing these two individuals outside the office over the course of the day, I finally asked what was compelling them to sit there.

They responded by telling me their daughter had an early morning class and wouldn’t be able to wait in line to secure her housing spot.

In hopes to ensure her selection, they had decided to camp out overnight to turn in her application.

I was stunned to hear this, as this is something my parents would never have done for me, nor do I think it is something most parents would do.

The fact that a student’s parents would take so much time out of their likely busy lives to guarantee their daughter got her preference of housing is truly remarkable and is the type of compassion we don’t see enough of these days.

After talking with the parents a bit, I learned that they drove to campus from Sterling Heights, a nearly two-hour drive each way.

The level of commitment to one’s daughter was astonishing and a moment that made me question what kind of parent I want to be someday.

The entire ordeal took me by surprise, as I lived on campus for three years and never once had heard of anyone waiting in line overnight to turn in their housing paperwork.

Out of genuine curiosity, I made a point to wake up much earlier than normal to drive to campus and see what all the excitement was about. To my surprise, by 6:30, the line to submit housing contracts was already to the front door of the Marketplace.

As I made my way to the front, I found the aforementioned parents, who were by no surprise exhausted. Eagerly waiting for the Housing Office doors to open in just over an hour, the two were happily sharing their story with students who had since lined up.

To the daughter of these parents: I hope you enjoy living in your desired dorm next year.

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