Chinese New Year celebrated with dinner

Photo by Brooke Elward

Students, faculty and community members celebrated Chinese New Year on Jan. 25 at a dinner hosted by the Chinese Student Scholar Association and the Ming Chuan University.

The event featured different activities than last year, since there were new students working the event who had different skills. Guests were encouraged to take home leftovers and to try a variety of snacks and candies from China left on the tables.

“Sitting with those that make me happy and partaking in delicious sweets was all I could have hoped for,” said Clairice Cantu, an international studies junior. “It was a good time.”

This year, about 40 to 50 Chinese students attended, down from an average of 100. Overall, though, Yvonne Chen, the president of Chinese Student Scholar Association, said the turnout was higher than expected since many other students came as well.

“The people there enjoyed the mahjong and the paper cutting,” Chen said. “Before two years ago, we didn’t have this part, and it was just the dinner and the prizes. I just chose some different things, like the game before the event. I’m happy they enjoyed it because it shows our culture.”


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