Art department’s quest for printers continues

SVSU’s art department received approval to pick out new printers for its students but now must wait for contracts to be finalized and the machines to be purchased.

Connie Schweitzer, the director of Business Services, said the vendor for the printers had some things in the contract for the printers that needed to be changed.

One of the conditions the manufacturer had was for only its- brand of paper to be used in the machine.

Mike Holliday, the manager of Technical Services, said that when trying to select printers, they looked at both the quality of the printer and the serviceability.

Both Schweitzer and Holliday said their goal was to help the art department get a printer that will last and be what the students need.

Part of the contract stipulates that SVSU’s art students and faculty will be able to test the printer for a month. If the printer is not up
to the quality standards of faculty, they then would look for another option.

“This is still a trial because we want to ensure it meets the requirements of the program,” Holliday said. “I don’t anticipate any issues, but you never know.”

Schweitzer said purchasing high-cost items like a printer is a time-consuming job. Her role is to ensure that contracts with vendors are fair for SVSU.

Holliday researched what printers would best serve the art department. He said they settled on the Rico printer because it was a good price point for the features.

“If you Google tabloid printers … there’s sites out there that will come back with the top 10 for 2019, 2018, 2020,” Holliday said. “I used some of that as guidelines and even looked at some of the comments in terms of reliability. The other part of that is I’d look at the cost.”

Holliday said he is also working on getting a service contract for the new printers.

The current printers don’t have a service contract, so if something goes wrong, it’s up to the IT department to solve the problem.

There is also a rebate associated with the printers, and the contracting that comes along with this type of purchase is handled by the Business Services department.

“No contract is ever the same, but we look at terms and conditions,” Schweitzer said. “For this specific project, we wanted to make sure the pricing in the contract matched the quotes that we were getting, so it’s a lot of negotiating back and forth to make sure we’re getting the best terms and conditions for SVSU.”

Schweitzer said the vendor is optimistic that it will be able to sort out the contract in the next week.

She said they hope to have the printers installed sometime in February as long as things go as planned.

After the printers are installed, the art department will have 30 days to test the printers and decide whether or not they will keep them.

Art department chairman Hideki Kihata could not be reached for comment.

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