Local rock bands perform at Pierce Road

Lochaven performs music from its debut album, “Change Is Upon Us”

Three bands – two of which feature an SVSU student – teamed up to put on a show at Pierce Rd. Bar and Grill on Saturday, Jan. 18.

The bands drew a fair crowd considering the snow that Saginaw County saw on Saturday.

We, The Infamous played first, followed by Loud Thoughts and Lochaven.

We, The Infamous defines itself as a genre-bending blues/rock band. The band recently added a new drummer to its lineup and has been playing as this group for six weeks. Lead guitar player and vocalist William Patrick has been a touring guitarist for 10 years and hopes to make an impact on the music scene in Saginaw.

“We want to play a good show every time,” Patrick said. “Before we play the first note of the set, I tell the audience to take a big grown up step toward the stage. We want you to have a good time. Get up on your feet. Sitting down is a horrible way to listen to our music.”

We, The Infamous played a 40–minute set with music both recorded and available to listeners and music not yet recorded for production. The band was supposed to have three members; however, its bassist left the band this week, and the band had to rework its set.

Loud Thoughts’ members originate in Frankenmuth and play rock music, according to Clayton Singer, the band’s lead vocalist and a psychology senior at SVSU.

Singer said the band has played together for the past two years but added his brother Cade Singer as a guitarist six months ago.

“Our music is fast paced, loud – I wouldn’t say aggressive, but passionate,” Clayton Singer said.

Loud Thoughts plays primarily in the Saginaw-Bay region and has played at SVSU before as a part of Cardinal Night Live. The band is made up of four members, one of whom is an SVSU student.

Loud Thoughts played music off its May 2019 EP as well as other songs fans may not have heard yet. While on stage, the band engaged with the crowd and played many of its original songs.

Lochaven closed out the night with a one–hour set comprised of mostly music off its latest album release.

Jake Fultz, the band’s guitarist and an SVSU theatre senior, said he hoped attendees realized that rock is still relevant. “

I really hope people take away the sense of self-change that we felt through this music,” Fultz said. “For us, this music was a great deal of changing over time – it was three years of us together and three years of writing this material.”

The band members are local to Southeast Michigan and typically play near their hometowns. According to Fultz, they began playing more in Saginaw last year and have a few shows lined up for 2020 in the Saginaw–Bay region.

The other members of Lochaven are Gabriel Toth, bassist and vocalist from Walled Lake, and PJ Twork, a drummer from Clarkston.

Lochaven played several songs off its recent album release in addition to songs produced further back.

The band has worked together on and off for several years. Saturday, the band finished its set with a revision of “Africa” by Toto.

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