College of business set to open in February

Construction on the new college of business continues on schedule for its February 24 opening. Vanguard Photo | Nicole Vogelpohl

SVSU’s new home for the Scott L. Carmona College of Business is projected to be completed on schedule and under budget. The building will be open for use Monday, Feb. 24.

Despite setbacks early in the project, Anthony Bowrin, the dean of the business college, said the building is now on track to be completed. Bowrin said the college experienced a number of challenges, as does any major construction project.

“One such challenge early on was the difficulty in sourcing steel for the project,” Bowrin said. “This initially delayed construction and put us behind schedule. However, due to the excellent work of our project manager and the contractor, we have gotten back on schedule.”

The college will host a dedication, where SVSU will thank stakeholders and provide tours of the building during the opening week. Additionally, there will be a major symposium Thursday, Feb. 27.

“The theme for the symposium is ‘Digital Technologies Transforming the Business and Competitive Landscape: Embracing Opportunities for Business Education,’” Bowrin said. “The keynote speaker for the symposium is Mr. Nicholas Thompson, the editor-in-chief of WIRED.”

Those who attend the symposium also will be able to see concurrent teaching, research and service presentations, demonstrations and simulations. The symposium will showcase faculty, students and Centers of Business Excellence.

Tours of the building will show off SVSU’s increased capability to train adept business professionals. J.J. Boehm, the director of University Communications, said he expects the new facility to create a modern teaching and learning environment.

“The labs that are part of the new building are state of the art and should give our students an advantage when competing for jobs in the marketplace,” Boehm said. “Another benefit we expect to see is enhanced interaction with the regional business community through better space for the Stevens Center for Family Business, the Small Business Development Center and other elements of the Carmona College of Business that interface with the business community.”

Students will benefit from the symposium’s bringing businesses to campus, as many of these businesses look to hire SVSU graduates, Boehm said. The Consumer Behavior Lab will allow students to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, gain insight into the decision-making processes of consumers and facilitate focus groups and experiments used in the business world.

“Our new Research and Innovation Hub serves as a center for innovation, ideation, problem-solving and collaboration, as is common in the modern business world,” Boehm said. “In addition, our Finance and Big Data Lab integrates state-ofthe-art technology and simulated live trading software, including the leading-edge Bloomberg platform, which allows students to gain a better understanding of the impact and application of financial data.”

Students in the Carmona College of Business will be able to use these resources to increase their marketability after graduation.

They will be able to use technologies and resources that will likely be available to them in their professions.

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