Marching band ends the season with Fall Out Boy

The Cardinal Marching Band performs in the Malcolm Field on Nov. 25 for its annual indoor concert to end the marching season. Vanguard Photo | Brooke Elward

The SVSU Marching Band ended the season Monday, Nov. 25, by performing songs from \their halftime show in the Malcolm Field Theater.

Songs included a selection of music from Fallout Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Imagine Dragons.

They also played the SVSU fight song, the National Anthem and “Tear the Roof Off” by Parliament Funkadelic (P-Funk).

Emma Longoria, a music education senior and section leader for the flute and piccolo section, said they played all the hits from each band.

“This is one of our best years we’ve had overall,” Longoria said. “This year everyone was super excited just to be here and do what we do.”

Norman Wika, the band director, recognized the graduating seniors and the legacy of marching band that they have contributed to.

Several of the songs performed by the band were arranged by students or faculty at SVSU.

“It was really cool because two of our band members arranged some music,” Longoria said. “One really cool thing about some of the Panic! At the Disco ones is that some are real arrangements, and some either students have done or our director has done.”

Brendan Evanson, an engineering technology management junior and trumpet section leader, was excited that the band’s show this year included the music it did.

“I love Panic!,” Evanson said. “I’ve been fighting for a Panic! Show for the last two or three seasons, and I finally got it.”

The band played hits from Fallout Boy, including “The Phoenix,” “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” and “Immortals.”

They also played songs by Panic! At the Disco, including “High Hopes,” “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” and “Death of A Bachelor,” among a few others.

“‘Death of a Bachelor’s’ arrangement was done by Dr. Wika, and ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ was done by Charlie Drew, one of the drum majors,” Evanson said.

Songs by Imagine Dragons included “Believer.” Longoria said she liked the songs because they were upbeat and fun to play.

“I love all of these bands,” she said. “I really enjoy playing ‘Immortals’ and ‘Victorious,’ which we matched up with ‘Hey Look Ma, I Made It.’”

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