Marshall Fredericks Museum gets grant

SVSU’s Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum received a grant from the Michigan Council of Cultural Affairs to fund and support its traveling art exhibits.

“We have a rotating exhibition program where we bring in about four different exhibitions in our temporary galleries each year,” Museum Director Megan McAdow said. “The grant year is from October through September of next year.”

One of the exhibitions the grant money funded is in the museum and open to visitors.

“One of the exhibitions is currently installed, and that’s Susan Stevenson Transfigurement Two,” McAdow said. “She is a Michigan ceramist and world-renowned artist. The other one is Lee Sung-Kuen. He is from Korea, and his work is installed as well.”

McAdow said the application was submitted in May. The grant was partly funded by the state of Michigan. The process of approving Michigan’s budget was delayed this year, which delayed the grant process.

“What we do is write a narrative that is about four pages,” McAdow said. “We have to talk about what all of our plans are, what impact it will have on the community, the impact it will have on SVSU and the students, all of the exhibitions and the artists and the relative programming. ”

The museum also goes through a lengthy process to decide which exhibits to display.

“We consider a lot of different criteria,” McAdow said. “We do like to put an emphasis on sculptures because Marshall Fredericks was a sculptor, but we don’t limit it to that. We also consider if there are connections to Marshall’s work in some way. We recently had an exhibit on John F. Kennedy because Marshall Frederick had sculpted a bust of J.F.K. But really what our main goal is to bring really high-quality exhibitions, something that might be different to expose students and family members to something they haven’t seen before.”

Alyssa McMillan

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