Football falls to Ashland at home game

The SVSU football lost 24-21 against Ashland during its Nov. 2 home game.

The Cardinals began the game defending the north endzone when Ryan Conklin completed a pass to Chad Gailliard for 7 yards to the 29- yard line.

Nate McCrary then rushed for loss of 3 yards to the 39-yard line, where a fumble was forced by Ashland’s Curtis Roupe. Then, a fumble by McCrary was recovered by Roupe at the 43- yard line.

Nearing the end of the first quarter, Ashland’s Austin Brenner completed a pass to Schweitzer, rushing for 4 yards to a touchdown.

SVSU’s Connor Luksic then punted 44 yards to the 20-yard line, downed, ending the first quarter with Ashland in the lead 7-0.

After the game, Luksic said the team will need to focus on its early gameplay to succeed.

“We just need to focus on eliminating the mistakes at the beginning of the game,” he said. “If we do that, we will come back with the win.”

Ashland’s Austin Brenner began the second quarter with a pass completed to McLoughlin for 72 yards to a touchdown. SVSU’s Chris Nelson rushed for 7 yards to the SVSU 33-yard line, 11 yards to the SVSU 44-yard line, then 2 more yards to the SVSU 26-yard line, with Tye Mintz following rushing for 4 yards to the 50- yard line.

SVSU’s Casey Williams rushed for one yard to the Ashland 0-yard line for a Cardinal touchdown.

SVSU’s Drew Franklin kicked off the second half with 56 yards to the Ashland 9-yard line, where Jourdan Swett returned for 19 yards to the Ashland 28-yard line.

Ashland’s Barnett rushed for 5 yards to a touchdown with 10:29 left in the third quarter. SVSU’s drive then started at 10:22 in the third quarter. Conklin completed a pass to Michael

King for 28 yards to a touchdown. SVSU’s Jacob Matus punted 41 yards to the Ashland 1-yard line, ending the third quarter with Ashland leading 21-14.

During the fourth quarter, after a Cardinal timeout, Ashland player Satchel Denton’s field goal attempt was deemed good from the 47 putting, Ashland ahead 24-14.

Conklin completed a pass to Gailliard for 23 yards to the Ashland 44-yard line, which was deemed out of bound, and again to Williams for 21 yards to the Ashland 28-yard line, also deemed out of bound.

Conklin then completed a pass to Williams for 28 yards for another SVSU touchdown, ending the game with a close score in favor of Ashland, 24-21 24.

“I feel like once again we played really well in the second half, but we’ve struggled with playing four quarters of football with too many mistakes in the beginning of the game,” Luksic said. “We had a few today, but not too many.”

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