Board approves new downtown Saginaw location

The SVSU Board of Control met Monday, Oct. 28, and approved a new downtown location and updates to various dorms.

Building updates

The Board of Control agreed to leasing 208 S. Washington in Downtown Saginaw, allocating up to $275,000 for the project. SVSU plans to use the building for educational purposes as well as community involvement and outreach.

SVSU will sell its Regional Education Center. The Chesterfield Township center was used to run College of Education courses for graduate students.

Online teaching opportunities have rendered the center unnecessary.

The Board of Control agreed upon the allocation of up to $4.6 million in order to refurbish a portion of the Pine Grove Apartments and Living Center South during the summer of 2020.

President Don Bachand said a dedication for the new Scott L. Carmona College of Business will be Feb. 26, 2020.

Staff members of the month

Athletic Director John Decker awarded Eric Brookhouse and Mike O’Hearn the Staff Member of the Month awards for their hard work and dedication to the university.

“They are very resourceful in coming up with solutions to the kinds of issues that we have. They’re really creative with their ideas and their thinking,” Decker said.

Decker said Brookhouse and O’Hearn reflect the importance of positivity in Athletics.

“They always have a positive outlook, which is a great thing to have in athletics because we don’t win all the time … Having people who have a positive outlook on life is something that is very helpful to our student athletes and our coaches.”.

Other news

Student Association President Hunter Koch announced that Battle of the Valley raised $20,302.75 for Midland’s The ROCK Center for Youth Development.

SA will search for a new BOV competitor at a conference the association will hold at SVSU. Koch said all 15 Michigan public university student governments will be invited to the meeting.

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