‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ returns with shadow cast

Students Encouraging Freshmen hosted “The Rocky Horror Show” on Saturday, Oct. 19, at 10 p.m. in the TSAR.

Theatre junior Rhiannon Hall played the role of Eddie during the production and shared her experience working with the cast and being a part of the show.

“I have learned a lot about creativity, love and teamwork,” she said. “Rocky Horror is such an out of the box show, and a shadow cast requires a lot of creative solutions to things like set pieces, props and costumes that can be tailored to what is shown on screen and versatile in terms of quick changes and movement.”

Hall explained that a shadow cast is a group of actors who perform live at the same time the movie is being played for audiences.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is often acted out in theatre productions in the form of a shadow cast, which creates an interactive environment for audience members as the cast runs through the aisles.

“Rocky Horror has come to mean so much to me for so many reasons: as an outlet to be wild and have fun, allowing me to be more accepting of myself as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Hall said.

Theatre sophomore Jaden O’Berry played the role of Columbia in the production, and shared her thoughts on how theater will continue to be a part of her after college.

“Involvement in theater will help me when I graduate, in the sense that I am gaining more skills in the limelight versus all of my time I spend backstage and in the catwalks,” she said. “As a theater technician, this is a great way to incorporate aspects of acting into my theater background.”

O’Berry said she was very happy to relive one of her favorite movies since she was 13 years old.

“This has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I cannot thank SEF enough for allowing this event to come to fruition,” she said. “Doing the Time Warp with my friends has been one of the best moments of my SVSU career.”

Mechanical engineering junior Michelle Van Hautte attended the event and shared her experience as an audience member. Van Hautte acknowledged that when the movie was released in 1975, many of the sexual behaviors and interactions on screen were seen as inappropriate by society.

“People being able to come out as themselves and have their sexuality out there, it was a lot harder back then,” she said.

She said she believes that as times changed in the last 40 years, society has come to accept more of the behaviors seen in the films, such as homosexual relationships and cross-dressing.

“It’s one night where people can dress up and be themselves, have fun,” she said. “Be yourself, be out there a little bit, be adventurous.”

Van Hautte said she believes the film may be uncomfortable for some people or out of their comfort zones, but that the event was light, innocent fun for students to be themselves and enjoy life.

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