Biswas Student Tutor of the Year

Aranya “Ron” Biswas, an economics major from Dhaka, Bangladesh, was recently awarded the Michigan Tutorial Association’s Student Tutor of the Year award.

Elaine Hunyadi, director of the Center for Academic Achievement, said she nominated Biswas because his skills and compassion deserved to be recognized.

“I nominated Ron for this award because he is such an amazing tutor,” Hunyadi said, “He has worked with us for over three years, and I felt he deserved to be recognized for his skills, patience and compassion as a tutor. His nomination was reviewed by the Michigan Tutorial Association Tutor of the Year Award committee.”

Biswas said he was ecstatic when he found out he had received the award.

“We actually were in the middle of a tutor meeting when I found out, and I immediately showed Elaine the email,” he said. “Needless to say, I was ecstatic.”

Hunyadi said Biswas is always eager to help.

“Ron is approachable and friendly, but he’s also no-nonsense when it comes to academics and helping others,” she said. “He has the respect and admiration of his peers and the students he tutors, as well as his professors. He’s always ready to help.”

Elaine also said she is proud of Biswas because he is the kind of student who helps define SVSU.

“I’m proud of Ron not just for his work as a tutor but for being the kind of student who well defines SVSU,” she said. “He’s a self-starter, innovative, hardworking and kind.”

Biswas said he became a tutor because he loves academics.

“I became a tutor my second year in,” he said. “I wanted to better my skills as a tutor as I always considered a career in academics, and tutoring was something that always made me happy.”

Biswas added he’s learned two main things from being a tutor.

“I learned how to be patient, and how to communicate as an effective tutor,” Biswas said, “These skills helped me understand myself, my skills and what I am capable of.”

He said one moment of being a tutor was most memorable for him.

“There was this one student who was taking a particularly difficult advanced statistic class over the summer,” he said. “She came to the center, wanted our help. We worked on it every other day and made sure she understood the concepts really well, and she ended up with an A- in the class. That probably was my most proud moment as a tutor.”

Biswas said his favorite moments are helping students learn and grow.

“I always hear back from students how much better they did on the exams, or how they waited to specifically to get tutored by me,” he said. “Honestly, those are my favorite moments.”

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