Students participate in glow-in-the-dark photo shoot

Graphic design freshman Haley Smathers poses for a a glow-in-the-dark portrait. Vanguard Photo | Bridget Cusick

Cardinal Photography Student Association held its first meeting of the year Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 9:30 p.m. in Arbury 115.

Students who attended the event had the opportunity to participate in the stations set up for glow-in-the-dark art, body painting and light painting.

“We help students who are kind of interested in photography, even if they don’t own a camera or really know anything that comes with a camera,” said Emily Strozeski, a criminal justice sophomore and the association’s vice president.

Strozeski talked about the ways they work with interested students.

“We show them what exposure [is], lighting, how to adjust their cameras and get them comfortable doing different shoots,” she said.

Students used blacklight to showcase the designs they made. Jell light filters were placed in front of the lights that were set up to cast colorful light.

Strozeski has been part of the RSO since her freshman year, and she said the experiences helped her learn about the many challenges of photography.

“If you shoot in a studio, there’s going to be different lighting and different obstacles you have to go through, versus using natural light like outside,” she said.

Strozeski said she has learned a lot through her involvement in the association, including the art of building relationships through bonding and friendship. She said she enjoys being around people with similar interests.

Strozeski also said that being in the Cardinal Photography Student Association has taught her more about the many aspects of photography.

“Most people think photography is just portraits, and this kind of exposes you [to the idea] that it could be objects or pictures or paintings,” she said.

Fine arts photography senior Katherine Huber, the association’s treasurer, said she believes being a part of the organization has helped her as she continues to think over her possible career paths.

“[Being a part of the organization] helps tremendously because it lets me build my portfolio doing a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t normally be doing in class,” she said. “It just gives me more experience with overall photography … and shooting different types of photo shoots gives me more of an idea of … what I want to go for.”

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