Housing information should not be as easily accessed

SVSU students shouldn’t be able to access the housing information of other on-campus students.

Obviously, a student needs access to their own housing information, but making it available to any SVSU student allows this information to be potentially misused.

This is not only a safety concern, but also an invasion of privacy.

The fact that anyone who attends SVSU has access to my housing location makes me uncomfortable, and I believe that it’s information only the individual should have access to.

Yes, it’s cool to be able to see where your friends are living, but it’s just as easy to ask those friends where they are living.

There is really no reason that I should be able to see everyone who is living on campus and where exactly they are living.

Students who are not living on campus shouldn’t have access to housing information.

They have no need to see housing information because it doesn’t pertain to them. Why are they allowed access to it at all?

This is a safety concern because if a student had bad intentions toward someone, they could easily find where the student was living and go there.

If a student had a stalker, then it would be very easy for the stalker to access where they live.

The housing information also gives the exact room where the student is living.

If the person stalking the student knows the layout of the rooms, which is also publicly available online, then they would know which window belongs to that student.

Seeing as most dorms have a similar layout, it’s not too hard to figure out.

A student could also share this information publicly.

Whether intentional or not, this creates another issue that could affect someone’s safety.

None of us know what our fellow students may be dealing with or their specific circumstances, but allowing their housing information to be shared could pose a danger to the student or their roommates.

It’s especially concerning to me because, as a reporter, if I were to cover something controversial or write a piece that someone disagreed with, they could easily figure out where I live.

I’m not insinuating that the students on campus are filled with ill intentions and are going to use the housing information in a way that’s bad. I’m just saying there is the potential for a student to do this.

If anything were to happen, I believe the university would have a hard time defending its release of personal information to anyone other than the individual student.

Michigan State and CMU don’t provide the same access to housing information that we get at SVSU.

The question is, why does SVSU allow us this? Isn’t there a better alternative to getting your housing information?

One option would be to only allow us access to our room’s information. That way you can see your room assignment and who your roommates are, but nobody else’s information.

It would make more sense for the housing to be set up this way.

Students wouldn’t have to go through and search for their name.

Instead, they would just be given their personal information, making the whole process much easier.

There is no reason that students need to be able to access the housing information of everyone on campus.

It is unsafe and a privacy issue that should be addressed.

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