Men’s soccer defeats Upper Iowa University

Men’s soccer beat Upper Iowa University 8-2 on Friday, Sept. 27.

The men’s soccer team started strong, keeping the ball live between both sides of the field. In the first period, they protected their goal against four shots from Upper Iowa, while securing two goals for themselves.

In the first half of the period, defense Gustavo Bergmann found himself cornered by two Upper Iowa players trying to pick the ball off him. After that, SVSU kicked up the pressure and scored its goals.

“Typically, when we get double pressed by two players, for me the biggest thing is not even a technical aspect, it’s more of
a mental one,” head coach Luis Barrow said. “You have to relax. When you see two guys come toward you, you can’t start panicking.”

The first goal, scored by midfielder Connor Rutz, was a penalty kick from in front of the goal.

The second goal was scored by midfielder Alex Galbraith; this was his first goal of the season.

In the second period, the Cards played strong again, blocking the first shot of the period by Upper Iowa.

Rutz scored the next goal, followed by another with an assist from midfielder Alex Gloshen.

“Three goals — I’ve been waiting for this,” Rutz said. “We knew we were the stronger side, and we had to beat this team. Eight goals are great against any team.”

Upper Iowa started to put on the pressure and scored its first goal of the game, putting the score at 4-1. Both teams battled to keep the ball in their possession. SVSU took control and Galbraith scored, assisted by midfielder Gabriello Calamita.

“It feels amazing to get my first goal and then get two more in the same game,” Galbraith said.

With assistance by Gloshen, Galbraith followed with another goal. Upper Iowa then took possession of the ball and attempted another shot, saved by goalie Damon Favero.

SVSU took possession and worked the ball back toward its side. After two missed shots another goal was scored, this time by forward Kairo Coore, with assists by Gloshen and Bergman. This placed the
Cardinals at a 7-1 advantage.

“Something that we talk about a lot is being ruthless and being clinical.” Barrow said. “Also, when we’re in the final third, when we’re close to the opponent’s goal how efficient we work at scoring goals. A typical trend that I see is that we tend to outshoot opponents quite a lot, but not to outscore them by the same margin. It was nice to see today that we had 17 shots and eight goals, which is very efficient in soccer.”

Upper Iowa came back with another goal, lessening the lead, but the Cards fought back and scored again.

The final goal of the game was scored unassisted by Bergmann.

The Cardinals will take on the Parkside Rangers 3:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 4.

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