Students charged for parking in free lots offered refund

Students charged a fee for parking in certain lots during the Saturday, Sept. 14 home football game will be eligible for a refund. 

Last year, SVSU began charging non-students to park in lots C and C1, which are closest to Wickes Stadium, and Lot E, which belongs to the Ryder Center. Students were not supposed to be charged for the lots if they showed a school issued ID.  

On Friday, Sept. 6, SVSU Athletics announced students and non-students will be charged to park in any lot near the football stadium for tailgating. 

Nora Lipetzky, the SA house speaker, was tagged in a Sept. 10 post to the Facebook group “SVSU WE’RE BOSS” with a complaint about the fee and a link the Athletic Department article about the $5 parking fee.

Lipetzky began collecting students’ concerns over the fee so SA could address the problem with Athletics. 

“I made a completely separate post,” she said. “I thought that would be easier to consolidate the concerns. I included myself and our ombudsman, Codey Cook, in the post.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, she called John Decker, the director of Athletics to address the concerns. After talking with Decker, Lipetzky said he told her students would not be charged for lots D, F, K or R if they showed their student ID. Students will still be charged for lots C, C1 and E, which are the lots Athletics began charging non-students for last year. 

Lipetzky said students would still have to pay for these lots since they were “the most heavily attended lots by students.”

After the Sept. 14 game, Lipetzky said she received complaints that students had been charged for lots Athletics said would be free. She said she reached out to Decker about the issue on Monday, Sept. 16.

After talking to Decker, Lipetzky said Decker would relay the information to the department and refund students. 

“They will just need to bring valid identification into the Athletics administration office in the Ryder Center to get a refund.”  

Brookhouse said students will need their student ID and parking ticket to get reimbursed.

“As for any confusion relating to parking charges for the opening game, any current student who was mistakenly charged may send a copy of their parking pass to the SVSU Athletics Department offices for reimbursement,” he said.  

Lipetzky said that any students who do not have their parking ticket or are charged for parking in free lots at the next football game should email her at  

The Valley Vanguard will update the story after the Saturday, Sept. 21 home game.

Kaitlyn Farley

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