Walmart is making progress with new gun regulations

If you are not one to keep up with the news, you might have missed the recent shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, that left over 20 people dead.

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, Walmart requested its customers to conceal carry rather than open carry.

The company also announced that it will stop selling short-barrel rifle and handgun ammo, as well as handguns altogether in Alaska. Walmart will still sell long-barrel deer rifles, shotguns and the ammo for those guns.

It is not surprising in the slightest that Walmart came out with a statement and even reworked its inventory.

With shootings becoming more and more prevalent in the United States over the past couple of years, the topic of gun laws has been heating up. Whether or not to ban them is the center of attention.

I think what Walmart did was somewhat smart.

They do have a wide range of clientele they have to please, so finding the balance between banning guns but also not banning them is good business on their part.

As for the concealed carry, I suppose it is better to keep guns covered after the incident, in response to the fear customers might have walking into their stores.

In general, I do not think the new “rules” and inventory will have much impact on gun violence, but it is a step in the right direction.

My hope is more companies take inspiration from Walmart and see that the U.S. is in a very fragile state right now regarding guns.

I’m not saying banning guns is the right option, but I do believe stricter gun laws need to be in the making.

I will be honest: I don’t know much about guns, so my opinion may seem irrelevant, but I have seen our country go through enough that I believe we need a change.

I think there needs to be a heavier and somewhat more difficult process to obtain a gun.

I know there is a difference between basic hunting guns and guns you would see being used in war so, I don’t see the need for people to own those heavier, automatic weapons.

For those types of guns, more in-depth background checks and mental health analyses may be beneficial.

I also believe open carry would be a better option for public places, just so people can be aware of who has a gun on his or her person.

Every public place should require carriers to provide their permits before entering said place.

There is no reason someone can be walking down the street and easily walk into a shop to purchase an AR-15.

Everyone should have a valid reason for buying a gun and be checked thoroughly before being given a gun. I think our problem today with guns is not the guns themselves, but it is the people we openly give guns to.

The controversy surrounding gun laws is tearing America apart. We cannot deny that we have a problem to fix.

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