College of business to be completed January 2020

Over the summer, progress to the construction of the Scott L. Carmona College of Business included structural steelwork being completed, renovations to Curtiss Hall’s floor and room renovations to accommodate the college’s new active learning goals.

The college is expected to be completed in early January 2020.

Features of the new college include mobile desks and chairs for team-working rather than traditional lecture halls, more space available for student clubs and co-curricular activities, and hubs centered around finance, innovation and consumer behavior.

Scott L. Carmona College of Business and Management Dean Anthony Bowrin hopes that these additions will help students strengthen their skills and better prepare them to enter the workforce.

“Over time, we expect these capabilities will evolve to even higher levels and lead to an even better-educated graduate,” Bowrin said. “The expanded Scott L. Carmona College of Business will provide many new features to enhance the experience of students.”

Bowrin said the college’s expansion was necessary to keep up with the demand for students with real-world experiences.

“Companies are expecting more from our graduates than just the academic achievement of a degree,” Bowrin said. “They expect that we will additionally provide soft skill development, real-life exposures to stock trading and experiences with big data analysis, visualization and communication, just to name a few. The new classrooms in our new building will provide these capabilities.”

Marketing sophomore Kyle Chandler said he is excited about the new college and the opportunities it will provide for students.

“I think the new building will be super beneficial to business students,” Chandler said. “It seems like it’s going to have a lot of cool features that will broaden the learning capabilities of people going into the field and help us in our future.”

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