Cardinal Night Live hosts comedic ‘extravaganza’

Cardinal Night Live (CNL) performed their “End of the Year Extravaganza” on Monday, April 15, at 9:30 in the Black Box Theatre.

CNL is a campus comedy club made up of 14 students from various degree programs.

Amber Hadley, a communication and theatre senior, is currently the club’s vice president.

“CNL is a sketch comedy group that writes, directs and performs all original material in the Black Box theatre three or four times a semester,” Hadley said. “Each one of the members is crazy-talented and so fun to work with.”

This particular show was a culmination of the characters and jokes CNL members had been working on throughout the academic year.

Biology freshman Thomas Metiva joined CNL in August and has enjoyed being able to create and develop his own characters.

“One of my favorite moments of the show was playing my role Becky Johanson,” Metiva said. “She is a character I made up at the beginning of this year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing her these last few months.”

Over the course of the evening, the group performed 10 skits, all written and performed by different combinations of members.

The audience got to see every actor in at least two different roles.

“I thought the show had an amazing turnout,” Hadley said. “Sometimes you know certain things are going to land, but other things you aren’t so sure about. So it can be scary, but it’s always fun.”

A great deal of rehearsal and preparation goes into each show.

The group met every Tuesday night from 10 p.m. to midnight. According to Metiva, the first two to three rehearsals after a show consist of brainstorming and writing skits for the next show. The week after that deals with blocking and staging the scenes. The final rehearsals before shows are dress rehearsals in the Black Box.

Last week’s show had to be pushed back a night, as inclement weather conditions caused the final dress rehearsal to be canceled. The members did not want to perform a show without feeling like they were fully prepared.

The reschedule did not negatively affect attendance, as the seats in the theatre were almost completely filled.

“My favorite part of the performance was the variety of ideas and characters our members presented,” Hadley said. “And seeing the audience’s reactions is always validating and cool.”

Any student who is interested in joining CNL simply has to attend one of the Tuesday night meetings.

“All you would need to do is show up, and we fit you right in,” Metiva said. “So, if you enjoy acting, writing skits and comedy, CNL is the group for you.”

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