Students display art at Counter Culture show

Student art pieces were on display at Saginaw’s Counter Culture. Students were able to explain their work and interact with people who attended the exhibition on Thursday. Vanguard Photos | Jolie Wyse

Fine arts students put on a showcase of their artwork at Saginaw’s Counter Culture on Thursday, April 4, from 3 p.m. to 5 pm.

The event was planned fully by the students.

Shelby Thurston, a fine arts senior and graphic design major, said the event allowed them to learn practical skills in their field of study.

“We are learning how to present ourselves as artists once we graduate, and learning how to arrange exhibitions is a valuable skill to know,” Thurston said.

Thurston showed two photographs in the exhibit.

“Although it is not my main focus, photography has always been a passion of mine,” she said. “My photos are from a trip I took in October to Mackinac Island – a misty spiderweb from Fort Mackinac and a goliath beetle from a butterfly house.”

Thurston said she hoped her work brought attention to environmental issues.

“I care about keeping the planet clean and advocating for nature and ecological issues,” she said. “It’s little moments in life that I like to capture and celebrate with my photography and art. Things that people might overlook are sometimes the most beautiful.”

Taylor Stone, another fine arts senior and graphic design major, was also showcasing two of her photographs. Her photos were inspired by a trip she took to Europe.

“The gorgeous scenery that I was surrounded by in Europe inspired me,” Stone said. “I felt like I really was in a completely different zone from anywhere in the United States. I wanted to be able to capture that beauty and share it with people who don’t have the chance to see it for themselves.”

Stone hoped that attendees would be inspired by her photos.

“I really hope it sparks something in their mind, whether it be a story to go along with the photo, or just take away how to set up a composition,” she said. “I hope that my photos inspire whoever looks at them in some proactive way.”

Stone said her favorite part of photography is seeing people’s reactions to her pictures.

“I love that moment when they almost look breathless, then want to know more about the image,” she said.

The event was important to Stone because it showed that there is more to art than just drawing and painting.

“When someone thinks of art, they think painting or drawing, and that’s not really the case,” Stone said. “This exhibition will show that there are many different forms of art and demonstrate how we can translate them to express ourselves.”

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