New movie ‘Us’ raises and meets viewer expectations

Director Jordan Peele did not disappoint with his breakout movie “Get Out,” so when the trailer for his newest movie “Us” came out, the expectations were raised.

After seeing the movie, I can confirm it lived up to the hype. Warning: slight spoilers ahead.

If you are expecting anything like “Get Out” when going to see “Us,” you’re wrong.

This story is about a woman named Adelaide who takes her family to her old summer house. She soon feels something bad will happen, as she had a terrible experience there when she was younger; she had seen her doppelganger.

Her doppelganger subsequently shows up with her doppelganger family and tries to get rid of them.

The beginning starts out with lots of bits and pieces to be put together throughout the movie.

What follows is an eerie title sequence featuring rabbits and anxious music. Immediately, you start noticing the symbolism and significance in the little things that are shown.

The bulk of the movie almost seems like it’s a spin-off of “The Strangers” at first. It’s still as confusing as the beginning, but you stick with it to find out what happens.

I thought there was only one doppelganger family, so when they revealed there was a doppelganger for everyone, I was pleasantly surprised.

The story takes big twists and is nothing like what you’d expect from watching the trailer.

The ending was probably the most confusing part of the film.

It took all the plot twists and twisted them to the point where nothing else made sense anymore. I guess this is where the fun of fan theories come in, because the ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Even now, I am still uncovering certain things I missed in the movie.

Like previously mentioned, there is a ton of symbolism in the movie: recurring rabbits, Hands Across America and 11:11, to name a few. It is fantastic how they’re all weaved into the movie and all have the same realm of meaning.

The actors are absolutely phenomenal in this movie. They each play their regular selves as well as their doppelganger, and both sides of characters have vastly different personalities. It’s almost as if it’s a completely new actor playing their doppelganger.

Jordan Peele also doesn’t disappoint with the music played in his movies. “Us” features creepy scores to keep the tone anxious, but it also features some Beach Boys, N.W.A. and other popular artists to help make the story just a touch lighter.

Overall, the movie was fantastically creepy and creepily fantastic. It was a bit more confusing to figure out than Peele’s prior movie, but this one let the audience decide the meaning of it for themselves.

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