OBU and ASU host movie and discussion at girls’ night

Students paint their nails, watch a movie and destress at Girls’ Night In. Vanguard Photo | Jolie Wyse

The second annual “Girls’ Night In” was held in the Student Programming Rooms on Friday, March 29, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

The Organization of Black Unity and African Student Union collaborated to host the event.

Jasmine Houser, the president of Organization of Black Unity and Henrietta C. Nwokeabia, the president of African Student Union, helped coordinate the program.

“As young women we take on a lot, whether it’s school, work or other organizations,” Houser said. “We tend to overwhelm ourselves getting things done. We thought it would be a great idea to have a time for ladies to just be themselves and be around other young women.”

Before the more relaxed event, the organizations held a panel to discuss serious matters regarding women.

The girls’ night began with a showing of “Ocean’s 8.”

While the movie played, there were also games, do-it-yourself lip scrubs, hair braiding and nail painting on the outskirts of the room. Free food was available, as well as gift bags for the attendees and a raffle for giveaway prizes.

“My favorite part of this event is seeing the outcome and how many people attended,” Houser said. “I love to see women from different backgrounds and races come together to have a great time and relax.”

The event had a number of girls show up from all different backgrounds.

“My hope was for the attendees to make friends and have people to talk to,” Nwokeabia said. “We bring a community of strangers together who become and stay best friends, hopefully.”

The event was held for the first time in March of last year. The Organization of Black Unity and African Student Union plan on continuing the event annually to celebrate Women’s History Month.

“We want to continue this because it turned out well and we attracted a decent sized crowd,” Nwokeabia said. “Some of these girls I’ve never seen around before, so it’s nice to get to know them.”

They also plan on collaborating again to bring more people to the event, as well as work with other RSOs.

“I hope our attendees realized that it is OK to step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people,” Houser said. “I also hope they understand that it great being a woman and to never let anyone or anything get in the way with how you feel about yourself.”

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