Music department hosts voice teacher in faculty recital

Elizabeth Belluni performed in a faculty recital on Tuesday, March 19, at 7:30 p.m.

Belluni is a voice teacher in the SVSU music department.

For the recital, she selected meaningful songs that sent a message to the audience.

The first half of Belluni’s performance highlighted a discovery of self through interpersonal relationships.

She chose songs that showed the range of her voice and gave her an opportunity to show her theatrical side as well.

In addition to singing, Belluni showed various emotions and told the stories within each song.

The songs were all taken from various musicals.

Each piece was different and intriguing. The audience was kept on their toes as they listened and watched Belluni perform.

The second half of the recital was music taken from the musical “Next to Normal” by Tom Kitt.

The play follows a woman through her journey with mental illness and the decisions she makes that impact not only herself, but her family as well.

Belluni was accompanied by Phil Orem on piano, Ryan Harrison on guitar, Austin Mokrenski on bass and Brandon Haskett on drums.

She was also joined by narrator Dani Durst as well as Alivia Combs and Indigo Dudley, two of her voice students.

Each member of the band brought the music to life while Combs and Dudley helped tell the musical’s story.

Belluni used her opportunity to showcase her talents to bring awareness to mental illness.

She took time at the end of her performance to point out the hotline numbers on the back of the program for anyone who may need them.

Belluni reminded everyone that “everyone experiences life, and it’s OK to seek support.”

She also gave special thanks to SVSU and her students.

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