Attending university is a privilege, even for celebrities

You may remember her as Aunt Becky from “Full House.” Today she’s known as Lori Loughlin and she is under investigation for bribing colleges to accept her daughters as students.

Loughlin allegedly bribed the University of Southern California to “recruit” her daughters onto their rowing team despite the two never having participated competitively. She reportedly gave USC $500,000.

Since then, Loughlin has been booted off all her upcoming Hallmark projects, her daughter Olivia has been removed from companies she has partnered with and neither of her daughters will be returning to USC.

Ironically, Loughlin previously mentioned in an interview that she’d “never do anything to harm her kids’ futures,” and Olivia has mentioned plenty of times before that she “doesn’t care about school” and she “only wants to party.”

Loughlin and her daughters deserve every bit of backlash they are receiving for this scandal.

There is always some sort of power difference between celebrities and regular people, and this is just another abuse of reputation and wealth.

As a student who has worked very hard to be at a university, financially and academically, it is disheartening to hear someone just want to “go to parties and have game nights” and be able to pay for it like it’s nothing.

For myself, it was a dream to be able to go to college.

It’s demoralizing that people can get their way with just money. Celebrities are almost always abusing their power in some way, rarely seeing the consequences.

What is heartening to hear is that USC is now taking action in other bribery scams by revoking some degrees and admissions. Education is far more important than merely getting the “full college experience,” and it apparently is taken for granted far more frequently than we know.

Some of us would do anything to get into the spots of Lori Loughlin or Olivia.

Being a celebrity is way more rewarding than anything else.

The fact they abused admissions just to get a few normal college years in doesn’t even compare to the everyday lives they live – easily working and making billions, getting invited to parties on end and having so many contacts you don’t even need to introduce yourself.

If they really wanted to go to a university for all the right reasons, they should have applied to get accepted like everyone else.

Other celebrities have gone to college, but they went to actually learn.

Cole Sprouse got a degree in photography while still maintaining his role on television. James Franco took a quick hiatus in his career to major in English at UCLA. Emma Watson committed to five years of college while juggling the Harry Potter series.

It is not impossible to live a normal life while working in the limelight. When it’s done the wrong way, it could be way more damaging, as mentioned.

For some celebrities, their education is almost as important as their career, not just “partying” when they could theoretically party every night.

What Loughlin did was wrong. While it may have been rightly intended, it is discouraging to those who want to learn to have their spots taken by two girls who don’t even want to be there.

In contrast to students who work tirelessly to get where they want to be, Loughlin’s daughters have no place at a university, nor do they deserve to be there.

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