Andrew Chubb named dean of SET

Andrew Chubb was named the dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology in Feb. Vanguard Photo | Kyle Will

Andrew Chubb began serving as interim dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology when Frank Hall retired in October 2018.

He has since accepted a position as the new dean of the college.

Chubb began at SVSU as a professor of chemistry and has served multiple roles since then.

“It was kind of a winding road to here,” Chubb said. “I was in the chemistry department for nine years, and I served as the associate dean for another seven years. I also served as interim dean in October when Hall retired and back in 2014 when Provost Huntley moved from being the dean here up to Provost.”

Chubb looks forward to working as dean and helping the college and university continue their success. He doesn’t have huge changes to make but wants to improve on what the college already has to offer.

“We have a really strong college,” Chubb said. “The departments do amazing work, the faculty are great and the students are great. There isn’t a lot of change I want to do, but I hope to build on the foundation that there already is and encourage new programs where they make sense.”

Chubb reflected on his time as interim dean and what being dean will mean for him.

“I think transitioning from interim dean to the dean certainly was easier because I was doing the job,” Chubb said. “Now, it is a matter
of having the ability to put into place the ideas that I have and thinking more long-term.”

The selection process begins with the submission of a resume and a cover letter. Applicants who fit the criteria then move into an interviewing phase, which includes a phone interview and on-campus interview.

“We screen them, and the committee reviews the resume and the cover letters that each person submits,” said Provost Deborah Huntley. “We conduct some meetings where they narrow down the field to a subset that they do phone interviews with. After the phone interviews, they try to narrow it down to some folks to bring on campus for a campus interview.”

Those who interview on campus meet with Huntley, President Don Bachand, the search committee, other deans and students. They typically go through open forum interviews that anyone can attend and ask questions.

The hiring committee looks for candidates who have administrative experience and relevant experience in their field. They also look for candidates who are good communicators, believe in a student-centered university and support the needs of the region.

For Huntley, Chubb’s experience at the university showed the value he holds in SVSU, which made him stand out as a candidate.

“He has had a lot of experience at this university, he knows the campus and he knows the students,” Huntley said. “He’s demonstrated time and time again his commitment to our students.”

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