Music majors perform together

Music majors preformed in a department recital on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 7:30 p.m. in the Rhea Miller Recital Hall.

Eight students showcased their talents on several different instruments. There were several vocalists at the event as well.

The featured students got the chance to show off their skills and what they have been working on over the course of the winter semester.

Vocalist Vincent Frank sang “He is There!” from “3 Songs of War.”

“I chose ‘He is There!’ because it is a fun, exciting, and upbeat song,” Frank said. “Charles Ives, the composer, is one of my favorites.”

Josette Born performed the piccolo while Frank sang.

“I asked Josie to play piccolo with me because there is an obbligato – a part of a piece of music that should not be omitted – written in the refrain for fife, flute, or violin,” Frank said. “I’ve known Josie for a while through our music classes together, and I knew she would do a great job.”

Students frequently perform solo or as part of a large group, but being able to perform with others with different talents provided a new experience.

“It was really fun to collaborate on this project,” Frank said.

Other performers included Matthew Ingersoll on the trumpet, Holly Finch on the saxophone, Sam Lawrence on the vibraphone and Kylie Hawkins on the flute.

In addition to Frank’s performance, Adam Coggins sang baritone and Alyvia Combs sang mezzo soprano.

Students were able to choose songs that they were comfortable playing in front of an audience.

The students also were encouraged by staff to showcase their skills as well as demonstrate what they had learned in the music program.

Reported Melissa Vennix, Vanguard Reporter

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