Super Bowl halftime show disappoints excited viewers

Let’s face it: a lot of people watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials and the halftime show.

This year’s halftime show seemed promising, but it really was just a huge disappointment.

Maroon 5 is everyone’s favorite and a classic band. You can’t not like Maroon 5.

So, sure, hearing they were headlining, one would expect a grand show. But it wasn’t really that grand. They didn’t pull out any cool looks or acts.

They performed some oldies, which was a good little throwback moment, but other than that, the only good thing to come from Maroon 5 was the memes of Adam Levine’s pillow lookalike shirt.

Sure, Adam Levine busted out a guitar solo and had a choir back him up on “Girls Like You,” but it wasn’t anything to rave over. The solo lasted seconds, and the choir didn’t really do anything other than chant the word “yeah.” The lantern bit was sort of cool, but again, not anything spectacular.

The only good thing about Maroon 5’s performance was that it brought a sense of nostalgia, if anything. It was a waste of time waiting for them to perform.

Then we had the SpongeBob cameo. The SpongeBob clip was expected and hyped about for months ahead of time. Petitions went on to get it to play.

When the SpongeBob characters flashed on screen, people everywhere freaked out on social media. The clip went on for about seven seconds before it remixed into Sicko Mode and cut to Travis Scott.

It would’ve been something great to show the full clip, but it ended in a big disappointment.

Travis Scott’s appearance was fun, but with Maroon 5? The pairing wasn’t needed or wanted.

They have no songs together or really any connection to each other.

Travis was good for the few songs he performed, but it was almost awkward to see him jump around next to Adam Levine, who tried to remix rap with a little guitar riff. Travis should’ve headlined the whole show because his energy for
two songs was incomparable to Adam Levine’s.

No matter how much Maroon 5 is loved, rap is just more upbeat and fun to watch.

Lastly, Big Boi came onstage.

I have no idea who he is, and I’m sure a lot of people had no clue… until you hear the song “The Way You Move” play (look it up, you’ll recognize it). He barely moved or tried to hype the crowd up.

He was just another filler artist who should’ve been replaced by someone like Cardi B or Christina Aguilera, who actually collaborated with the headlining act.

After the show, news articles were already rating this show as one of the worst. I’d have to agree with them.

It isn’t something people will remember. It’s nothing like Lady Gaga’s, Katy Perry’s, or anything near Prince’s.

It was just OK, anticlimactic and lazy (much like the actual Super Bowl game).

Good halftime shows are talked about for days and even weeks, like Lady Gaga skydiving and Katy Perry’s shark costume dancers.

This show lasted on Twitter for about a day before it was deemed a flop by multiple news sources.

Unless you are a die-hard Maroon 5/ Travis Scott/Big Boi fan, this halftime show was one of the worst.

Opinion by Abby Welsh, Vanguard Reporter

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