Creative Cards exhibit features faculty from all departments

The Marshall M. Fredericks Museum hosted a reception for its Creative Cardinals exhibit on Tuesday, Feb. 5, at 4 p.m.

The Creative Cardinals exhibit is meant to showcase the work of SVSU staff and faculty members.

Exhibits like Creative Cardinals are held when the museum has open slots between other art shows.

“We realize that many (faculty members) do arts, crafts and other arts hobbies and want to showcase them,” said Andrea Ondish, the curator of education at the museum. “(They) enjoy seeing their works on display in our beautiful museum.”

Ondish explained that anyone could submit artwork to the show.

“This is an invitational exhibition, so no one is excluded,” she said. “All they have to do is respond, tell us what they want to show, give us the information and deliver it for us to set up.”

Artists came from numerous departments and included Panchanan Maiti, a health sciences professor; Michele Gunkelman, the director of Residential Life; and Matt Krease, the Graphics Center assistant manager.

The art pieces themselves were just as varied, spanning from painted canvases to wood carvings to photography. Many other faculty members came out to see their colleagues’ work.

“I really enjoy these shows (because) I see people I know and who I didn’t realize did art,” said Beth Roe, a nursing professor. “It’s like seeing a new side to them.”

Roe appreciated the diversity of the artists’ backgrounds and interests.

“I especially like the health science pieces,” she said. “I like when there’s a link between science and art.”

Roe liked Maiti’s submissions, a series of photographs of neurons and neuroglia. Like the other attendees, Roe said she was both proud of her colleagues’ work and inspired.

“(Seeing their work) makes me think I could do art,” she said. “Sometimes I think of art narrowly, but then I go to these shows, and I think I could do it, too.”

Ondish was similarly impressed by the show.

“You would be surprised at how many people do arts and crafts outside of their work and not even related to their work,” she said.

Over 60 faculty and community members attended the reception, which Ondish considers very successful.

“Many of our visitors (were) very impressed with the work the faculty – both art and non-art departments – and staff do in their spare time,” she said. “(Their work) brings a new audience to the museum, and we welcome them all. We support their endeavors.”

The Creative Cardinals exhibit will run through March 2.

Reported by Hannah Beach, Vanguard A&E Editor

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