‘You’ is slow, yet satisfying show

If you haven’t heard of Joe Goldberg or Guinevere Beck, you must live under a rock. The Netflix show “You” has been buzzing all over the place for being enticing, creepy and addicting.

The show is based off the book by Caroline Kepnes. The plot revolves around Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager who has a history of crazily falling in love at first sight. But no one else knows, really. We witness him stalking, dating and loving a young college-aged blonde named Guinevere Beck.

The show is shot through the perspective of Joe, a psychopath. Seeing Joe’s perspective just makes him a likeable character. He is the antagonist, but he’s smart, cunning and even kind at times.

All the other characters just seem like roadblocks in Joe’s road to love. Yet they play an important part in the show by keeping the plot running.

The setting is New York, which is perfect for every scene in the show. People normally walk everywhere rather than drive. So every time Joe “runs into” Guinevere, his love interest, it’s justifiable. Without New York, I don’t think the show could be what it is.

As far as plot twists or surprises go, there aren’t many. Because you see things from the psycho’s eyes, you can pretty much tell what is about to happen. This doesn’t lessen the effect of the show, though. It actually makes it more exciting because, as the audience, you want to see how everything pans out or how certain characters react.
However, the first season’s ending is a little off-putting. After going through the whole series just for it to literally “end” with that story is sort of disappointing. No spoilers, but season two will most likely have a new girl take over Guinevere’s spot.

Overall, the show is so simple yet so complex. It raises many mixed emotions throughout the season. You can see everything coming, yet there are so many missed things that show up later. At first, it may seem like a waste of time to watch, but as it progresses, it gets better.

Reporting from Abby Welsh, Vanguard Reporter

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