Lip Sync Battle

Members of the SVSU fraternity TKE chapter perform in the annual homecoming week lip sync battle. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

On Thursday, Oct. 14, RSOs competed in the Malcolm Field Theater in a lip sync competition as part of the week-long homecoming series of events.

Only those competing were permitted to watch in person, but the entire show was live-streamed on Student Life’s Facebook page.

The MCs for the night were early childhood education fifth-year, Shelby Bergholtz and third pre-dental junior Olivia Getzinger. Both are heavily involved in Student Life.

The judges for this event were George Copeland, SVSU’s Public School Academy Transition Coordinator; Joey Koehn, Pine Grove Resident Director; and Riley Hupfer, the Director of SVSU Center for Community Engagement & Experiential Learning.

Each participating group had to incorporate music from the 2000s to stay on theme for Homecoming. They also had to feature a member from Homecoming Royalty Court in their performance.

First to take the stage was Pine Grove Community Council. They had choreographed dances to a variety of Lady Gaga songs. They had three dancers in pink, green, or purple wigs and finalist Isaiah Plaugher wore a black bob wig for his part in the performance. Next was the Hip-Hop Crew. Dancing to a variety of hip-hop hits from the 2000s, they featured finalist Lizzy Simon during a part of the song that said, “she’ll be my Miss America” as Simon did a princess wave. Showing off their hip-hop dance skills throughout, the performance ended with a member doing the splits. Sigma Pi was next.

They performed with iconic songs such as ‘Crank That…Soulja Boy,’ ‘Get Low,’ and ‘Party in the USA.’ Anthony Galea, a member of the fraternity, was the finalist featured. The performers dressed in costume for each song, most notably when the men wore dresses during ‘Single Ladies.’

SVSU CHAARGE danced to hip-hop music and had Brooke Elward, The Valley Vanguard photo and design editor, as their finalist feature.

The audience cheered and got excited when they heard the iconic “It’s Britney Bitch” in the middle of the performance.

Forever Red, with finalist Elward, Simon, Galea and Anna Plotkowski, performed to hits like ‘Shake It’ and “I Got a Feeling.’ One of their male members even wore a blonde wig and lip synced to Hannah Montana’s ‘You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home’ as the rest of the group got out signs that said “SVSU is our home.”

Women’s Rugby’s performance started with Britney Spears’s ‘Womanizer.’ Choreographed to other middle-school-dance-esque songs, Plaugher ran onto stage and threw a rugby ball, which continued to be used throughout the performance.

Next up was Valley Nights. They reenacted the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ scene from the movie ‘Mean Girls.’

They had props, and even a large cut-out of Schoenmeyer’s head, the Associate Dean of Students, when the audio said “Jason.” Finalist Elward performed with them.

TKE’s music consisted of tunes from the show ‘Spongebob Squarepants.’ The men had props to go with each song and started with finalists Elward and Plaugher around a “campfire” for ‘The Campfire Song Song.’

Program Board danced to a medley of songs from the Disney movie ‘High School Musical.’

They used dances from the movie, dressed as the characters, and had props such as basketballs. Finalist Elward was in their performance.

FEME, in which finalist Katie Zeits is the president of, danced to a variety of songs from D-Com movies such as ‘High School Musical,’ ‘Cheetah Girls’ and ‘Jump In.’

Last to perform was KTE. Finalist Plaugher led off the performance with the Harlem Shake.

It then transitioned into ‘You Belong With Me’ where dancers wore robes and took them off to reveal elegant dresses.

Then, members dressed up as One Direction and lip synced to ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’

The performance ended with “Party Rock Anthem”.

Participation in this competition gave RSOs 50 points toward the week long competition, and the winners received an extra 100 points.

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