Wellness Month

Campus Recreation is encouraging students to reinforce positive habits with the opportunity to win prizes.

Wellness month, taking place through October, challenges students to complete small but significant tasks everyday and submit proof of completion via email. These tasks are meant to help students with their mental health.

Each submission earns a point and the three students with the most points at the end of the month could receive a Fitbit, wireless earbuds or a $75 Meijer gift card.

Junior exercise science major Morgan Losey is a health and wellness coordinator for Campus Recreation. She helped organize this year’s wellness month. Losey said the range of challenges included will be quite diverse.

“Within this month-long challenge, participants will be completing small tasks every day to promote physical, mental, and nutritional health,” Losey said. “These daily challenges can be trying a new workout, making a new healthy recipe, practicing meditation, etc.”

While the challenge is only through this month, the goal is for students to solidify the daily tasks to become long-term habits.

“Our goal for this challenge is to help encourage and promote healthy living,” she said. “We hope that this challenge can help show individuals how beneficial it can be to live a healthy lifestyle. Completing the daily tasks can help create healthy habits that individuals can integrate into their everyday lives.”

Junior exercise science major Hannah Homan is another health and wellness coordinator for Campus Recreation. Homan said that the variety of tasks included will leave something for everyone.

“Wellness month as a whole addresses a lot of different aspects of wellness,” Homan said. “For instance, there are challenges relating to financial mindfulness, fitness and exercise, healthy eating choices, and mental health tasks. It is our aim to provide such a variety of challenges so that at least a few of the challenges will stick with those who participate and help them to see the benefits, big or small, of engaging in them.”

Campus Recreation has further plans for events to engage with the campus community and promote a focus on overall wellness.

“We are planning on bringing back ‘Fitness Fridays’, which will be a good branch off of what wellness month has established,” Homan said.

She described what these events will look like.

“It will include some sort of brief fitness task [like] plank[s], push ups, etc. and will result in prizes for those who come and interact with the challenge,” she said.

If you are interested in being added to the wellness month email list or want more information, email Morgan Losey at mnlosey@ svsu.edu or Hannah Homan at hmhoman@ svsu.edu.

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