Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off the semester

Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing at SVSU making for a fun start to the fall semester.

The annual celebration of Latinx culture and history began on Sept. 15 and will run through Oct. 15.
This year the SVSU Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA) has coordinated a variety of events happening on campus through the end of next month.

Angelica Johnson, lead program coordinator for OMSA, helped create this year’s lineup of events. She wants to encourage students to attend as many as possible.

“The Hispanic Heritage Month calendar of events are all very important throughout the university and for students to participate in on campus,” Johnson said. “This year we have 11 events that are engaging with students learning about Latinx populations, traditions, and cultures.”

The festivities have already begun with several events already taking place including Hispanic Heritage Month themed Kahoot and a Latinx arts and crafts night where students made their own piñatas.

For those who missed the arts and crafts night, there will be another chance for students to express themselves creatively through Latinx art.

“One of the unique artistic events that many students enjoy is our Día de Los Muertos Skull

painting,” Johnson said. “At this event, students learn about the significance of Mexican culture and the festivities that are part of (Día de los Muertos).”

That event is scheduled for Oct. 26, so students can have their festive skulls ready in time for Día de Los Muertos starting on Oct. 31.

Beyond just attending the events on campus, Johnson says there are several other ways students can get involved.

“It is encouraged that students do some research and learn the history about Latinx cultures and the term Latinx as to why this is significant today,” she said.

Another way students can do their part is by participating in the Saginaw Eatery Dash happening through October.

“This Hispanic Heritage Month we have included an all-month long Saginaw Eatery Dash encouraging students to go into the Saginaw community and grab a bite to eat from the Latinx owned restaurants,” Johnson said.

For students wanting to look even further into Latinx culture, one event that is not in the lineup is Día de la Raza, which takes place on Oct. 12, traditionally called Columbus Day in the United States.

“Día De La Raza celebrates the heritage, colonization and cultural diversity of Latin America,” Johnson said. “This day unites all Latin speaking nations and cultures in celebration with parades, dances, food, like a cultural dish of Tamales which are made of cornmeal dough wrapped and cooked with corn and other vegetables.”

Other events coming up throughout the month include a Hispanic alumni meet and greet, a Latin dance night and a movie night featuring the film Coco.

The next event taking place is a Loteria night on Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 7pm in the Student Life Rotunda. This event has been one of Johnson’s favorites to organize.

“Students are able to have fun playing Mexican bingo learning new Spanish terms all while winning many cool prizes,” Johnson said.

For more information on all the events taking place, follow the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs on Facebook and on Instagram @omsa_svsu.edu

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