SVSU maintains enrollment rates following COVID-19

With COVID resurfacing, SVSU is not alone with a slight drop in enrollment rates.

Executive Director and President of the Office of University Communications, J.J. Boehm, said many colleges, including SVSU, have seen a drop in the number of returning students.

“We expect the freshman class to be on par with last year, which is encouraging, given all the challenges those incoming students faced in high school,” Boehm said.

Measures have been taken to maintain enrollment and keep numbers up. On top of offering in-person classes and keeping residence halls open SVSU is offering students support.

“[We] reached out to our returning students to offer support and resolve issues that may be affecting them,” Boehm said. “We hosted a high school celebration event on campus in June that drew more than 240 high school students and provided them an opportunity to experience SVSU and have fun with their peers.”

It is expected that there will be a small increase in the number of students living on campus compared to last year due to COVID regulations lessening.

Financial burden still poses as a factor to the low enrollment rates, and SVSU has taken that into consideration.

“We have expanded our scholarship and financial aid offerings with new programs, such as the Cardinal Commitment, and expanded opportunities such as the $6 million gift from the Thompson Family Foundation to support scholarships,” Deb Huntley, provost & vice president of academic affairs said.

Huntley also said there were changes for incoming students.

“We have also offered on-campus tours and in-person college visit days in addition to a full suite of virtual programming,” Huntley said. “We have also joined many universities in going ‘test-optional’ with respect to the ACT/SAT, in recognition of difficulties high school students have faced in accessing the tests. This fall we are promoting the Gerstacker Learning Commons (Writing Center, Math/Physics Center, Center for Academic Achievement and the Center for Community Engagement and Experiential Learning) to support students’ success after a year and a half of educational disruptions.”

SVSU has expanded resources available to students, such as the new Mental Health & Wellness Center and the academic supports above. The Office of Student Affairs is also hosting a series of Student Success Seminars.

“To our current students: believe in yourself and your future,” Huntley said.

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