Cardinal leadership conference goes online

The Cardinal Leadership Conference (CLC), an annual program sponsored by Residence Housing Association, took place via Zoom on Feb. 19.

Cameron Burton, a marketing fifth year, was this year’s CLC chairperson. He said he chose to create a theme revolving around being a leader in a digital setting.

“I’m hoping first, and foremost, students have a lot of fun going to the programs and that they take away something they can use in their everyday lives,” Burton said. “[They can use what they learn] to be a better leader, especially now that most of our world has moved online because of the pandemic … just being able to adapt and take of these skills and learn how to be a leader, but also be a digital leader.”

Burton said he worked for many months to set up the entire conference, from finding people to put on programs and making goodie bags, to designing shirts, booking a speaker, creating the schedule and more.

Roberto Garcia, the director of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, attended as the keynote speaker.

He presented his Organic Mentorship Workshop. The presentation was developed with the help of SVSU alumn Nate Naples.

Garcia asked attendees, “If you’re leading, and no one’s following, are you truly leading?”

He explained how organic mentorships occur through active listening, helping people and just in general being there for someone. Mentorship comes naturally, he said. It is not intended to be a mentor-mentee situation.

“You might not know it, but you may have people looking up to you,” he said.

He asked all attendees to take the time to write a thank you note to a mentor in their lives.

After the keynote speaker, participants attended two program sessions.

In the first session, “Roll for Initiative” was presented by Vanguard reporter Emily Burke, “Tell Your Money Where to Go, Don’t Wonder Where It Went!” was presented by Kelly Pabst and “Learn How to Submit OTMs” was presented by Amiah Vickers.

Students chose one of the three 40-minute sessions to attend first. They then were able to attend a second.

The last sessions of the day were “Build a Better Business” by Cameron Burton, “Tigers and Bears” by Adam Eyre and “Freaky Fast Friendships” by Abbey Sura.

At commencement, all the attendees were entered in a raffle for prizes such as Bluetooth headphones, speakers and the grand prize of a light-up wireless keyboard and mouse set.

The next CLC will likely take place in February 2022.

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