Students to receive partial refund for early move out

Townhouses in University Village West. Vanguard Photo | Audrey Bergey

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, classes will go virtual following Thanksgiving Break.

Students are allowed to check out for the rest of the semester and receive a housing refund.

“All residents can elect (not mandatory) to check out properly with their RA starting Monday, Nov. 12, through Wednesday, Nov. 25, 4:00 p.m.,” said Dawn Iseler, the director of Auxiliary Operations. “Residents can choose to leave earlier; however, there is no adjustment to the refund schedule.”

Freshman students can stay until finals week, receiving no refund, and then vacate per usual first-year winter moveout. Upperclassmen can stay throughout winter break.

There will also be an RA on duty throughout the entirety of the break. For the checkout procedure, students will schedule a date and time with their RA at least 48 hours in advance. Rooms must pass health and safety inspections with the Practice Five guidelines in place during inspections.

The RA will collect students’ keys and return the checkout envelope to Housing Operations for the refund process.

“Residents are welcome to leave belongings, (but) we do ask that they take home any valuables,” Iseler said. “If the entire room is vacating, we have procedures in place to make sure the room is safe, secure and maintained for the longer winter break.”

A maximum of two visitors per student will be allowed to help with moveout. The visitors must be approved by the present roommates and must pass the daily screening, practice social distancing and wear masks.

Housing will host a check-in on Friday, Jan. 8.

“Our intent is to stage Groening Commons in Curtiss Hall, similar to how residents checked in,” Iseler said. “The process will be much quicker since the residents are just getting their key.”

Services at the university will be limited during the breaks. Offices will be open to support all students, except for the official dates of closure on the university calendar.

“Survey data from our residential outreach is still being compiled and sent to campus partners to scale operations based on estimated volume usage for university planning,” Iseler said.

Dining services hours of operation for the remaining weeks will be coming soon. Unused meals and DB will rollover to the winter semester.

Freshmen will have a partial refund for the weekly meal swipes as part of the room/board refund if they are checking out before Thanksgiving Break.

“Check out Facebook ‘SVSU, I’M HOME’ or Instagram ‘@svsuhousing’ for reminders of the checkout/ refund process,” Iseler said. “We understand it’s a lot of information, so our social media will help reinforce messages.”

Optional COVID-19 testing is highly encouraged and offered to students before they leave for Thanksgiving.

If students have rented books from the bookstore, the books must be returned before moveout orshipped back if they are kept through finals week.

For the winter semester, payment is due Wednesday, Dec. 2. The next school year’s housing re-contracting and sign up will open up in January.

“Living on campus offers convenience, community and collegiate supports outside of the classroom,” Iseler said. “Enjoy your well-deserved break; you earned it and we are so proud of you. We look forward to seeing all our Cardinals for Winter 2021.”

Iseler encouraged students to stay safe wherever their break takes them.

“Stay safe when traveling, be joyful this holiday season and support health for you and others,” she said. “You are Red Pride.”

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