Students discuss living on campus with COVID-19

Grace Sloan (left) and Hailey Sirut (right) are both currently quarantined in their apartment together with COVID-19. Vanguard Photo | Nicole Vogelpohl

Hailey Sirut and Grace Sloan, nursing juniors rooming together in Campus Village, contracted the coronavirus.

Their friend also tested positive, so they and their group of friends got tested, as well.

At first Sirut’s test was negative and Sloan’s was positive. Sirut’s boyfriend tested inconclusive. Sirut and her boyfriend went back to get tested again when they started showing symptoms.

Both came back positive.

“It’s been a different experience for everyone. … Me and (Sloan) definitely had the worst of the symptoms,” Sirut said. “We’ve had every symptom you can think of. The headaches and the body aches are the worst. One night I woke up and I was just throwing up all night.”

For food and other necessities, Sirut and Sloan order the items and have them sent to the dorm, because they cannot leave quarantine until Oct. 25.

Due to policies at Northwood University, Sirut’s boyfriend was forced to complete quarantine at SVSU.

“(My boyfriend) is here too because he lives on campus at Northwood, and they said they don’t want him anywhere near (campus),” Sirut said.

Sirut explained that having COVID-19 and trying to stay caught up with classwork was very challenging.

“For the most part, (the professors) were understanding,” she said. “One of the professors gave me an alternative assignment because we had to do a video chat, but it was the day I was throwing up … and he pushed all my due dates back.”

Sloan also shared her experience.

“I emailed all my professors and told them about my really bad headaches and that being on the computer wasn’t helping that,” Sloan said. “They said don’t worry about missing assignments, I can make them up whenever I feel up to it.”

They said they feel a little better every day. However, their sense of taste and smell is still gone, Sloan said.

“When I first got (the virus), I was like I’m never going out again, I’m never hanging out with anyone ever again,” she said. “But now I’ll probably be the same. We were pretty cautious before.”

Sirut said several things that helped them feel better were Tylenol, using a Netty-Pot and sleeping.

“It’s way worse than the flu,” she said. “It’s like the flu with the cold and pneumonia. We’d go up the stairs and we would be super out of breath.”

Sloan said normal household chores became much more difficult.

“I would go do the dishes and I would be tired after and have to lay down,” she said.

Sirut and Sloan cautioned students to be vigilant about their health.

“COVID is real,” Sirut said.

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