Alumni hold food drive

Due to COVID-19, homecoming festivities did not occur this year, but during the week of Oct. 26-30, different events will be available for alumni and students.

Teresa George, the manager of Alumni Engagement, explained that the week’s plans came about as a way to celebrate alumni.

“We decided to do an alumni week,” George said. “One of the items the alumni really wanted to do was something along the lines of random acts of SVSU kindness, and they decided … to support our own Cardinals and do a food drive to help the Cardinal Food Pantry.”

The food drive will be a campus-wide alumni initiative.

“The main goal is to help fill the food pantry, and our second goal is to just spread kindness around campus through different random acts of kindness … because that’s what we need right now,” George said.

The food drive will be held on Tuesday Oct. 27 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Donation items can be dropped off at Student Life.

There will be a photo backdrop, and those who post their picture and use #SVSUKind- ness will be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Volunteers will also be available to pick up donations from on-campus offices and from those who drive by Student Life. Any- one who wants their donations picked up can email the food pantry to let the workers know they have items ready.

The food pantry is always accepting donations from a drop-off point in the Student Life Center.

“The most popular foods that seem to go as of right now are the quick and easy things students can make on the go,” said Richelle Varney, a social work graduate student. “The hygiene items are very import- ant, as well.”

Breanna Dulworth, another social work student, explained that the food pantry is grateful for any items.

“We’re grateful for canned items, but you can donate a box of Pop Tarts or cereal,” she said. “If we have a different variety, students will want to use it even more.”

The process of using the food pantry is easy and confidential. All students or faculty have to do is swipe their ID at the Student Life desk and let a worker know they want to “shop” at the pantry. They will be given a reusable bag to put their items in.

“We keep things very confidential,” Varney said. “We don’t record personal information. After they get their food, we weigh how much they get. It’s for our reporting and inventory purposes.”

Additional food drives are being planned for the future.

“The food pantry is looking to set up other food drives later in the semester in case people don’t get the opportunity to come to this one,” Dulworth said.

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