Intramural sports set to start again Monday, Sept. 21

Intramural (IM) sports are running differently this year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Sports involving close contact are not being offered, but Campus Recreation is adapting to make sure students are still able to participate in sports.

“If you go on our website, we have a list of the sports we are offering,” said Aaron Mowen, the director of Campus Recreation. “Knowing that with these sports that we don’t need referees and with everything else that is going on … intramural sports are free this year.”

Campus Recreation has created a set of policies to make sure students participating can remain safe and healthy.

“When you come to play any of these intramural sports, which are going to be outside … students will come in and show their Campus Clear app,” Mowen said. “We do contact tracing for accountability.”

Spectators are allowed, but they will have to stay outside of the playing area for social distancing purposes.

One door will be used as an entrance for working out and using the facilities at the Ryder Center.

The other door will be for IM check-ins with staff ready to assist.

“We have 46 students signed up, but I imagine after [meetings and sign up dead- lines] we will get more students,” Mowen said.

The last day to register for IM sports to play as many matches as possible was Sept. 18.

Games will start Monday, Sept. 21.

Registration will remain open for the remainder of the semester for any students who still want to join.

“[We’re] hoping to have some indoor sports soon,” Mowen said. “I would like to see intramural volleyball. We still have to get some work done to get approvals, but we have some good policies in place to as- sure students’ safety.”

When and if indoor sports occur, they will be announced on Campus Recreation’s social media pages with registration information and important dates.

Updates about the current season will also be posted there if changes occur.

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